“We Are

Ice Cream Fanatics

& Artisan Bakers”

Cookie met ice cream and it was a match made in heaven.

The cream’wich has perfected this pairing in a luscious marriage of fresh-baked cookies and homemade ice cream.  Each cream’wich is assembled by hand at the Manhattan Beach Creamery, a block from the beach in sunny Manhattan Beach, California.  Our family bakery has been perfecting artisan baking for over sixty years.  Decades of constant crafting and revision have led to what is today the closely-guarded secret cookie recipe used for the cream’wich.  In 2010, our team acquired a nostalgic old school ice cream shop and turned it into a modern sweet treat emporium, delighting throngs of visitors from near and far.  It was here that the delicious ice cream cream’wiches were developed.  Ice cream is produce in small batches daily using only the best quality ingredients, the finest Belgian chocolate, and a whole lot of love.  Within 48 hours, cream’wiches will go from production to the selling floor, just waiting for someone to take a bite and enjoy the unparalleled taste of a fresh cookie sandwich done right.  Chill out and enjoy local!