“We Are

Ice Cream Fanatics

& Come From A Long Line Of Artisan Bakers”

The story of the Cream'wich begins long before the first Cream'wich was devoured and the first satisfied smile spread cheek-to-cheek.  It begins over a half-century ago with Sam and Shirley Rothman and Katella Bakery, a couple of hard workers and a mom-and-pop shop.  Together, Sam and Shirley crafted a chocolate chip cookie recipe that people came from near and far to enjoy.  After many successful years serving their Orange County community, Sam and Shirley passed the bakery on to their son Harold Rothman. Harold took Katella Bakery and the chocolate chip cookie recipe to a whole new level, constantly crafting and revising the recipe to ensure the highest quality ingredients. Harold’s son Zac Rothman was raised in the business and dreamed of following in his family’s footsteps.

In 2008, Zac and Harold purchased a nostalgic, old-school ice cream shop in sunny Manhattan Beach, California and turned it into a modern-day sweet-treat emporium.  The Manhattan Beach Creamery rapidly gained popularity among both locals and tourists. The fast-moving, yet constant line out the door and around the corner depicted how delicious their ice cream was.

In 2011, after the successful launch of the Manhattan Beach Creamery, Zac and Harold created and launched FISHBAR Restaurant down the street from the Creamery in Manhattan Beach.  Jessica Jordan, a popular chef in the local community, was hired as the Executive Chef.  Zac quickly noticed Jessica’s talent and incredible drive and brought her on as a partner.  More importantly, Jessica quickly became an honorary member of the Rothman family. FISHBAR enjoyed immense success, winning numerous awards including “Restaurant Of The Year” in Manhattan Beach.  It had not taken long for FISHBAR to establish itself as a staple restaurant in the community.

In December of 2012, Zac asked Jessica to bring her culinary skills to the Manhattan Beach Creamery.  It wasn’t long before Jessica’s impact was felt and she had her “Aha Moment”.  Jessica realized that there was a massive demand for both the chocolate chip cookies and the homemade ice cream sold at the Creamery.  She combined both of the high selling products into an ice cream sandwich and branded it the “Cream’wich”.  Immediately after hitting the shelves of the Manhattan Beach Creamery, they were swallowed up by demand.  The public spoke – they loved the Cream’wich and they wanted more!  Jessica knew she had to find a more efficient way to meet demand – the one store was not enough.  Before long, Jessica had acquired packaging materials and a few retail partners interested in selling the Cream’wich.  Jessica was determined to do whatever it took to make the Cream’wich a success, at first delivering Cream’wiches to the neighborhood stores herself out of the back of her pink Cream’wich Prius.

Fast-forward a year, and the Cream’wich is now its own company with a 3,000 square-foot production facility to meet the demand of its ever-growing retail partners.  The Cream’wich can currently be found throughout the Southern California in over 230 retail locations, ranging from independent retailers to restaurants to specialty markets to mom and pop shops.  Wherever there is a need for a premium ice cream sandwich at an affordable price, the Cream’wich is there, ready to be devoured and send yet another smile cheek-to-cheek. The growth continues, but the vision and the mission remains the same – to bring smiles to the faces of all those we encounter... one Cream’wich at a time.